Man solves his backyard Mystery – Guess what he discovered

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Upon entrance, John was perplexed. He had discovered an amazing large room built deep beneath his backyard. What\’s more astonishing is that the floor was solid and the entire structure was in great shape.

an underground bomb shelter

But there was more! Would you believe that, along with this tunnel, there was a complete tunnel complex?

With this discovery, John had questions and soon he found answers. It turns out that the underground room was built in the \’50s during the Cold War as a nuclear reception center for radioactive precipitation (aka bomb shelter).

Because of the terror and paranoia caused by the Cold World War period between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, many people had similar bunkers built in their back yard. However, the reason why a swimming pool company would do this was still unclear. John looked for the answer and soon discovered it. See what he discovered on the next page.

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